Call for Proposals

As part of our ongoing expansion, we seek dedicated researchers, conservators, and archivists to join our global team. Members engage in various tasks including contributing to the cataloging and conservation efforts. Additionally, members facilitate the presentation of artifacts through mobile workshops, exhibitions, and residencies.

Researchers will participate in Speculative Design workshops, drawing inspiration from innovative methodologies to uncover, document, and prototype artifacts. They will have an opportunity to dig into the Iyapo Repository archives to conduct research of their interest and produce artworks of various kinds that would be cataloged in the collection.

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their CV, a cover letter highlighting their interest in the Iyapo Repository, a research proposal, and any relevant experience in research, conservation, or speculative design. Please include any previous work or projects that align with the repository's mission.


No Enemy - Universal Solvent Studios + Iyapo Repository

We dug into the archives looking for manuscripts related to the spiritual powers of bodies of water. In No Enemy, a work referencing the song "Water No Get Enemy" by famed Afrobeat musician Fela Kuti, Iyapo Repository subverts the premodern phenomenon of "wunderkammer," or cabinets of curiosities. The work explores the archive as a living, not a static entity that, like water, holds memory and traces of human behavior. Visitor interactions with the No Enemy installation transform the archive's content in real-time, exposing a correlation between the freedom to engage and the power to build knowledge.