Name of peacemaker: Pacifier

This is totally opposite to a what a weapon would be, it should be handed to a special warrior by God. It is made to be used for those who believed in war and destruction and taking lives of others insensibly. It's a weapon by which when people are hit, spreads peace, love and brotherhood among them.

The significance of this gun’s caliber(777) relates to the 7 days and 7 nights that God took to create and man’s number that is known as #6 and the beast number is 666, man has made a mistake sinning against God and even today man continues to sin against God. Jesus had came to earth and left without a sin, if he had a number to represent his perfection and God’s perfection, I would say it would have been “7”. The blue line coming down from the cross on the gun represents Jesus’s blood and the blue ray coming out of the gun represents peace & glory coming out of the pacifier.